Being able to safeguard artwork from any kind of damage is a vital part of building your art collection. The good thing is that, there are a number of easy to implement safety measures to ensure that none of your artwork will be spoiled. Thus, ensuring its pristine look and condition for the following generations. Basically, protecting your artwork is like protecting your life.

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Easy Protections for Your Artwork Collection

If you are ready, then let us begin. Make sure to have your notes ready as you would not want to miss any of this.

Tip number 1. Limit or better yet, avoid it from direct sunlight.

If there’s one thing that you have to know in art preservation is that, exposure to extreme sunlight could drain color. This includes your new favorite artwork. With this being said, it is highly recommended to avoid hanging any of your artworks that are near areas that receive direct sunlight.

Tip number 2. Know when to consider framing it with acrylic plexiglass, not glass.

Say that you really wanted to hang that portrait in the sunroom? If you do not want sunlight to dictate your decisions, then see to it that your portrait is properly framed with UV filtering acrylic. This is a much better option than using glass.

As a matter of fact, it is lighter compared to glass and can protect your artwork from yellowing or fading as a result of direct exposure to sunlight.

Tip number 3. Be mindful of humidity.

The water present in the air could affect the overall quality of the artwork in that room. So be sure that you constantly monitor the level of humidity in the house and whenever you can, try to keep it at approximately 55 percent.

Basically, you can use a hygrometer to keep in track of the humidity level in your home.

Tip number 4. Keep your hands clean!

As much as possible, avoid touching the paintings or acrylic framing surfaces directly without wearing cotton gloves. Otherwise, you are only risking of damaging the artwork by means of exposing your fingerprints as well as natural oils.

Tip number 5. Keep acrylics or glass squeaky clean.

By the time that you start cleaning the acrylic or glass panel that is protecting your artwork, make it a point that you are only using microfiber towel or soft non-abrasive cloth. Consider buying ammonia-free or acrylic glass cleaner for this purpose.