One of the simplest and most basic forms of sculpting or model making is with clay. The great thing about working with clay is the fact that this material is malleable and flexible at the same time. Not to mention, it’s enjoyable and interesting to play around with it.

And with years of experience, it is fairly easy to come up with 3D design figures – all by using clay.

So much so to the point that even kids can apply their creative mind to squash, roll, knead and otherwise, shape the clay to virtually any form that they wish.

Versatility at its Finest

Clay is extremely versatile that it can be used by novice artists, seasoned sculptors and even kids. As a matter of fact, sculptors typically use clays for making big figures. On the other hand, clay can’t just support its own weight and with this being said, an armature is an integral piece of tool that every sculptor should have to build any model using clay.

Uses and Applications

There are many types of clays and one of the sought after types are those that are ready to use. It is for the reason that it beautifully lends itself for creating masks, special effects as well as prototype models. The truth is, clay modeling is used too in animation and this art is otherwise called as “claymation”.