Photography can be considered as another form of art. In fact, it has grown massively from the past few years. From old photos that were jut black & white and some images were blurred which were defined through detail and clarity, photography has gone through enormous improvements and changes.

The Discovery of New Photography Technique

In fact, one of the biggest changes that we and most photographers are enjoying today is called aerial photography. Even though the whole technique appears to be specific for modern society, it’s worth noting that this people have already been using this technique since 1858. If you don’t believe, then do a quick Google search on balloonist Gaspard-Félix Tournachon in 1850. On related searches, you’ll see old postcards of him on his balloon.

For the Good of Everyone Else

Things have of course changed massively these days.

Photos that are taken in this manner are now performed using UAV.

There’s a big investment poured into the development of technology for this and it’s for good reason. Like making of:

  • Topographic Maps
  • Archeology
  • Movies and Commercial

It’s just surprising that there are many ways that aerial filming can be used and the general public are enjoying it.