It is an enjoyable activity to sculpt with clay – more so if you are doing this as a profession. On the other hand, turning your passion into career will demand more experience and knowledge. Most likely, you will be receiving orders to sculpt human figures which can be extremely difficult. Getting the proportions right will take years to develop.

However, there are few points that should be considered when you are sculpting any figure using clays.

Invest in Armature

This is vital for it firmly holds the clay up and allows you to sculpt bigger forms without it falling apart. When you get armature, regardless if you build or buy it, it is modifiable to fit any position that you like it to take form to.

Along with your armature, it will be a good move to have an idea of what you wanted to sculpt in advance.

Therefore, you have to create a plan. Look through magazines or pictures to have an idea of the pose you like to try. Otherwise, you may just be sculpting without having directions.

Big Tools First

By the time that you start working with big tools, this is going to keep you concentrated on getting all the bigger parts of the figure you’ve been working out on. This is actually a great practice before going down to the finer details of your sculpture.