Artistic activities are a very important part of the care concept of kids. Children learn through their senses, by touching and feeling. Exactly, this is what artistic processes consist of. The children have direct interaction with the materials they use. Thus, art in the baby play yard is a fantastic means to train children’s senses.

baby play yard

How important is art in baby play yard in children’s lives

Art is very important for children. This allows them to express themselves very well. This is because many art forms are very close to children’s natural play. For example, role-playing games that children do over and over again quickly turn into a play. Experimenting with words and sounds can also come very close to music or poetry. Artistic education builds on this and motivates the children to play.

They say art in the baby play yard is important for children’s self-esteem. Why is that?

Children not only like to experiment by nature. They also want to leave their mark with what they have tried. And that goes for the world around them as well as inside. Something should remain of what they do. Art can help you with that. In order for this to succeed, they must experience the design process as something positive. This is what art education aims for. She helps the children to perceive art as a positive experience, to support them in the development of their own projects and thereby to strengthen their self-confidence.

Baby play yard: What opportunities are there to encourage children to be creative?

There are endless possibilities to encourage children to be creative. This can be done, for example, with very small things, like sitting in a meadow, feeling the grass around you and playing with it. They can also be real tasks like staging a role-play together in the play yard.

The most important thing is always to include the child’s natural abilities. Forcing an art form on a child that they don’t like makes no sense. It is better to support the forms of expression that the child already shows while playing.

It is less important that parents have a great deal of knowledge about certain artistic processes. A certain basic attitude is much more important. Those who approach kids with alertness and sensitivity are best able to recognize and encourage their creative talents.