Art therapy helps patients in expressing their feeling and addressing their anxieties in times conventional treatment didn’t help.

One patient engaging into eating disorder therapy regimen have absolutely no idea about art therapy at all. The patient Miriam Stirewalt cooperated into a group of creative arts therapist. The sessions included into the program let her voice out. A new opportunity had been open for her to express the things that she couldn’t communicate through words.

Issues that Stirewalt seem hard to face with was the lose of the people in her life because of suicide. This is one thing that she is not open to talk about. Through art therapy, she made a collage and from there, the start of a conversation with her therapist begun. Art therapy, like artistic designing, is a form of treatment in which creativity and art is being utilized to unravel the factors that makes people distressed.

The Problem: Insurance Restrictions

Unfortunately, not everyone can access art therapy despite of its positive effects to many. People who have an access to the therapy because of the treatment programs may lose to experience the benefit of art therapy. Generally, this happens the moment they leave the medical institution and seek for an outpatient help.

Furthermore, art therapy becomes more restricted to those people that do not have insurance which can able to pay the cost at a medical biller like that at In contrast, the Art Therapy Outreach Center caters art treatment free of charge to those youths at risk, trauma survivors and homeless vet along New York City.

Waiting for help

The program provided by the Art Therapy Outreach Center catered art therapy to female veterans in New York. With this success, a waitlist of people for a new program for a year has already been made. The waitlists was issued because the art therapy program do not able to meet the demand of the patients.

Unfortunately, despite of the demand, there is also an existing barrier on people’s access to it. Because of the every day’s demand of the people, New Yorkers are always seeking for the help of art therapists and always have the want to get an access to it.