It is clear that cleaning windows is not one of the favourite activities in the household. But with the right cleaning method, dirt and grease can be removed streak-free with little effort.

It is time-consuming, physically demanding and the result is seldom satisfactory. The good news is that you can take advantage of the services of window cleaning Gold Coast. With the right technology, annoying streaks, streaks and limescale stains almost disappear by themselves.

Art of cleaning windows without streaks

In addition to the right equipment, the right technology plays an important role when cleaning windows. First, the window frame and window sill are cleaned of coarse dirt such as dust, leaves and cobwebs with a hand broom. Then, in serpentine movements with the sponge, soap the windowpane thoroughly and use the squeegee to pull the cleaning water off the pane as quickly as possible and in straight paths. A lint-free cotton cloth absorbs the dripping water from the window edge and squeegee. The pane is then polished with an absorbent chamois leather so that it is streak-free.

Cleaning window creatively: When and how often?

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Cleaning windows is at the top of the list when it comes to spring cleaning. Regular window cleaning is also desirable during the rest of the year. In summer, dust and pollen make the windows dirty, in autumn and winter it is bad weather. Exhaust gases also leave a dusty film on the window. And anyone who has children at home knows greasy fingerprints from the inside all too well. A cycle of roughly every two to three months is therefore advisable for cleaning windows.

But when is the right time to clean? It is best to clean the windows when the sun is low or on a cloudy day because in direct sunlight the water on the panes evaporates very quickly and stains appear. And even on cold days with temperatures below zero, it is difficult to clean the windows without leaving streaks, because the cleaning water can freeze onto the pane and then leave streaks.

When cleaning windows, always make sure that you are standing securely. If the upper windows are difficult to reach, use a telescopic rod.