Nowadays, ordinary folks deal with some extraordinary challenges that all the more motivate people to shift to a more fulfilling and self-sustaining career. Artists in particular are looking to make their careers their main focus since the pandemic gave them confidence to explore all the possibilities of earning from their creativity. Like other artists who defied the ‘starving artist’ stereotype, many artists realized that working in any kind of a job brings on similar experiences.

The difference however, is that artists don’t have a universal basic income and there’s no safety net that will catch them when things go awry financially. Artists have to combine various roles to stay afloat in the industry and resort to maxing out credit cards or working multiple jobs at the same time, just to kickstart an art project. The important thing is to have the resiliency when faced with challenges that could make you lose interest in your art project.

Some Tips and Advice on How to Get By as an Artist

The following are some tips most artists follow, as they have proven to be helpful in cruising through the economic realities of the art industry:

1.,Choose a lifestyle that would allow you to get by decently and in accordance with the life you want to lead;

2. Make budgeting a part of your process especially when buying art materials;

3. Crowd-fund or fundraise money for exhibitions instead of funding it yourself;

4. Resist creating expensive art and start out with a mindset of securing money first when starting projects;

4. Create or join support networks that remind you to take care of yourselves and others in the group;

5. Exhibit your artworks for free in alternative spaces;

6. Remember why you chose the artist lifestyle so you can strengthen your resolve to succeed;

7. Learn skills that will enable you to promote your work

8. Never be scared to ask help especially from your family.

Remembering the difficulties artists have to overcome in their chosen lifestyles is just a variation of a challenge that others face while working in a career path that isn’t satisfying and financially rewarding. Bear in mind that whatever profession or occupation, be that of a receptionist lawyer, pastor or doctor, everyone has their own share of career-related problems.

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