Nowadays, many music artists use art tracks on YouTube. Art Tracks, what is it? Why would you make your music public for everyone on YouTube? Are you going to profit from it? Let’s take a closer look.

The subject of YouTube art tracks always raises questions and confusion. Here is an overview provided by iGroove.

What is an art track on YouTube?

Music videos with static images, audio files, and most important metadata. In this way, YouTube guarantees that the audio format can also be used on video platforms.

If you transfer music to YouTube Music through a distributor, your music is not just available to registered YouTube music subscribers, but through art tracks, everyone can listen to your music via the normal free YouTube. You can download it using a third-party application called New Clip Converter. However, beware of copyright infringement.

Art Track creates 1 music video for 1 individual song. So if your album has 10 songs, then the art track will create 10 videos of each song.

Varying opinions on art track

Artists have a different view: some people know that YouTube is actually the largest streaming service, and they really want to make their music available on YouTube. However, others do not want to make their songs freely available to almost every listener. Therefore, whether it is provided from YouTube Music (premium version) or as Art Track (free version), services like iGroove provide options for each release.

Unlike user uploads, Art Tracks has a better sound quality advantage. It also increases the possibility that users will discover your other music through your theme channel.

Official Artists Channel On YouTube

However, if you apply for the Official Artists Channel (OAC), that’s even better (check the video below on how to get an OAC).  In this way, you can upload your own content and various songs from thematic channels. In this article, we show the benefits of OAC and how to implement it.

Can I make money from Art Tracks?

Yes, you will get some income from YouTube subscriptions or advertisements (per view). Watch the video below for more information on how to make more money with your music YouTube channel.

You can also create your own art tracks. It can be monetized by what’s called the content id. But, whether you will get more profit from it so that the extra effort is reasonable is a question.

To take full advantage of all your money-making opportunities, use your music as art on YouTube Music, and use YouTube’s revenue-generating opportunities so that you can make money when others use your music in their own videos.