A car breakdown is annoying and stressful, so quick help is needed. Often the only thing that helps is towing it, but there are a few things to consider. If a towing company san jose is not available, the project must be carried out with a different driver. However, according to the road traffic regulations, towing may only be carried out in an emergency situation. A lack or defect in the built-in electronics justifies such a project, but a lack of petrol does not.

Better control with a tow bar

When it comes to choosing the right towing device, a pole is much better than a rope. The bar is able to ensure a constant distance between the vehicles, so the man behind cannot drive up. In many cases, it is the case that the power steering or the brake booster no longer works properly in the broken-down vehicle. Experts also advise using a tow bar, especially if the road is slippery. However, it is essential to observe the maximum permissible load, which must not be exceeded under any circumstances. The car with the breakdown must not have more weight than the actual towing vehicle.

Car towing: The advantages of the tow bar

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By using a tow bar, the defective vehicle can be moved smoothly, which offers a significantly safer journey. Compared to a tow rope, the bar is absolutely solid and offers a constant distance. However, you must note that not every tow bar is suitable for every vehicle model. There are mainly differences in the categories of cars. The manufacturer gives a suitable recommendation that serves as a basis. Fixing the hooks on the vehicle ensures a secure hold. Drivers with little experience, in particular, get along much better with a pole than with a rope. Tow bars are very break-proof and stable, as robust material is used here.

Important towing aspects using a tow bar

A tow bar can achieve a tensile load in the range of 2,000 to 4,600 kg, depending on the model. In addition to the actual weight of the vehicle, the weight of the driver and the existing luggage must also be added. The weight of the tank contents should not be underestimated either, especially in the case of large vehicles.