Building a home is perhaps the greatest achievement for anyone. Your home is a representation of your personality and your creativity. Therefore, your home itself is an artistic masterpiece. Your roof is the first masterpiece that flaunts to the eyes of the viewers so it is important to choose the best roofing for your home. The green roof and reed thatches are two among the most known roofing choices ever made. In this post, let’s take a look at garden roofs or green roofing. Consult with a roofing professional for the best roofing service ideal for your home.

Green Roofing – Living Roofs

A green roof or overgrown roof is a roof on which vegetation grows, a landscaped roof garden actually. Such a roof garden is sustainable and environmentally friendly. A green roof often consists of succulent plants (sedum). They are light in weight and can withstand heat. Sedum also stays nice and green all year round. In addition to sedum, a green roof can also consist of spicy plants such as grasses and flowers.

The advantages of a green roof are:

  • Insulates well; can lower the indoor temperature by five degrees in the summer, and protects against the cold in the winter
  • Helps prevent global warming; a green roof evaporates heat as opposed to concrete and stone that retain heat
  • Retains sixty to eighty percent more water per year than bitumen, for example, which reduces the risk of flooding
  • Has a purifying effect on water and air; it filters polluted rainwater, fine dust, and CO2
    A green roof contributes to biodiversity because it attracts insects
  • Is sound-insulating; the thicker the layer of green, the less noise enters your house through the roof
    Long lifespan
  • It offers an increase in the value of your house because sustainability is becoming increasingly important.

The disadvantage of a green roof is that it is not walkable.

While green roofing offers a lot of advantages, you may also want to know that maintaining a green roof is much like maintaining a garden. If you want your roofing landscape look fab, quarterly maintenance is needed from a garden roof expert.