For a long time, there have been numerous discussions throughout the community of design about whether web design is regarded as a form of art or not. Undoubtedly, it is part of the creative field, the visual design and appeal of a website definitely calls for the designer and/or developer to have a certain level of creativeness to create a unique and effective website, such as those by

What is Regarded As Art?

Art, according to Wikipedia, is the process of purposely and artistically lay-outing ad putting together elements in such a way that it would influence and appeal the emotions and/or senses. All well-known artists have created and are creating works of art to creatively express themselves through the medium they have opted to make use of. At this point, with the given info, web design could be regarded as an art.

Art Vs. Design

As per Wikipedia, design is the process of creating and perfecting a plan, structure, component, or system of a product with purpose or intention. So by this definition, design is purposely created with functionality as the main purpose. Hence, there is a difference between art and design. With art leaning towards visual appeal and design towards functionality. A designer then, by definition and in a way, is an artist because of the creative aspects, just like an artist is somewhat a designer because of purpose.

Is web design an art?

Looking at final products of web design, art plays and contributes a substantial part in designing websites. But web design in general isn’t exactly described as an art. An artist is an individual who creates forms of arts that convey emotions and feelings which is included in the task of a designer who develops websites. Taking it on a higher level, web designers make use of the elements of art to create a functional product and improve the user experience of website visitors.

Many would consider and understand that what web designers do overall is art. Designers look at the work of others through an artist’s eye since they appreciate and could interpret a web design from a performance perspective. But the websites created by designers are actually structured systems developed to bring to fruition the needs of a business, a product. A lot of websites are “works of art” however if they don’t fulfill the necessities of clients as well as improve their business in a way that it is progressive and positive or else it turns into an unsuccessful design, developed by an artist who have given web design an attempt.