For someone who draws, it may be a simple task to copy the subject and put it on paper. Things are different though for newbie. Drawing may take them time and have to look at the image every now and then to analyze it and later reproduce it on their canvas. You are just not setting up to capture the image and then move on to the next.

You have to be mindful of the color, proportion and form. You begin to understand the importance of proper shadowing, lighting and to how they define and reveal form. Having this level of awareness is translated to your visual pursuits.

As for those who want to become better drawing, here are some of the things to be taken into account.

Draw something and Repeat

You know the usual saying, “practice makes perfect”. Well, the same thing goes with drawing. You will not get better and excellent results unless you keep engaging yourself in it. The more you keep on drawing, the more it will boost your confidence.

Review Your Drawings and of Others

It does not matter whether it is meticulous rendering or simple lines, you are sure to learn a lot by just looking at other artist’s work. Check how they have used shapes and lines, how they shade it and everything in between.

Practice Form Drawings

Now this one might sound strange but what you could discover by copying sketches from top and renowned artists?

In reality, there are tons you will learn and you, yourself may be shock as well. Don’t worry; these artists won’t mind having their drawings copied.

Use Photos as Your Subjects

For a great number of people, it is a lot easier to reproduce a subject that is 2D compared to using an actual person, object or environment. When working from photos, analyze the shapes, angles and edges. Do not trace it – you should be drawing it. Remember the first tip, “practice”.

Then after you have mastered these principles, the next thing that you may do is to sell it off and invest the earning to yourself to continuously improve. You can use blogger outreach service to help you on this matter.