When building a home, the structural design as well as the home exterior are just as important as the interior of the home since the structure and exterior of your home are the first thing that people see that creates a first impression of your home.

For instance, a few homeowners will make time to research about the most excellent roofing options in CT or wherever they may be located. Whether it’s getting a brand-new roof or replacing what you currently have, it is important to invest in a high-quality roof that would match your exterior home structure and design as well as serve its purpose the fullest.

exterior home designSimple Exterior Home Design Tips

A well-designed home could be look stunning even without some exterior design tricks. In several circumstances, simplicity is always the best option. Moreover, a simple home design could be economical allowing you to save more and reinvest it in other parts of your home.

Below are a few simple and clever exterior home design options you may want to consider when building your home:

Simple Roofing Design

Simple roofing designs isn’t only easier to put together but would also look cleaner and nicer than roofs with too much gables and steps. When creating a floor plan, include your roof in your initial design stages. The longer time framers spend working on your roof, the more likely will the building and maintenance cost increase.

exterior home design tipsAvoid Entrances with Double Height

Your home entrance and front door is a significant element to creating a great first impression. Entrances with a double-height are actually off-putting to several people. In some home designs, the double-height entrances are frequently a shot to add and increase interest and appeal to dull elevation. Go for entrances that actually show where the front door is as well as keep off water while you and/or your visitors wait to enter.

Make Use of Color and Texture

Siding on the home exterior could add color as well as texture which improves the general appeal and attractiveness of a house. If carried out consistently, changing materials and colors would contribute to value of the design especially in horizontal bands instead of vertical strips.

Make Use of Windows that are Vertically Proportioned

Window designs will depend on the style of the house. Aside from the proportion of the window opening, consider the windowpanes’ proportion as well. Vertical panes and openings visually improve the appearance and ambiance of the house.