Who else don’t know calligraphy these days? People definitely are dying to learn calligraphy because of its unique lettering that’s similar to those you can use online. I mean, just imagine writing it down with your own pen and hands.

Well, that’s definitely a yay!

More than just the unique and beautiful lettering, calligraphy is also an analog sill that offers a lot of respite in our digital world. That’s why today, we’re giving you easy and simple tips you should know when learning how to do calligraphy.

Start with the Right Tools

Making your way to calligraphy means you also need to invest in the right tools and supplies. Most mistakes beginners do is that they try out cheap and readymade calligraphy kits which eventually discourages them from pursuing more on calligraphy.

Do your research and ask calligraphers too.

Write for Letters and Stuff

Always make sure to write calligraphy as much as you can to practice your hand for the kind of stroke. It is not the usual pen so that’s why if you really wanted to be a pro at it then you should atleast make time to write something every day to fully master your calligraphy skills.

Don’t Let the Pros Discourage You

Or in other words, don’t get jealous with pros work posted online. You need to know that every artist or calligrapher out there is different- and yours too is different. You just have to figure out what makes you your own branding.