A lot of people love to travel and they travel for diverse reasons or intentions. For instance, people go on a Blue Cave tour as seen on https://www.adventuresnsunsets.com/blue-cave-tour-from-split-croatia/ for adventure and an escape from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Regardless of the reason why one travels, one thing is for sure, travelling is a transforming experience as it somehow alters our way of thinking, how we perceive the wider world, as well as how we think and feel of ourselves.

A lot of travelers do not only visit places for the sceneries but also for the arts. And there are people who are fortunate enough to have both as their profession or career. Both art and travel fascinate a lot of people, particularly if they are able to get hold of a career or profession that encompasses both. For individuals looking into such, there are numerous career opportunities which depends on their interests as well as their level of skill sets. Below are three of the many possible careers that involves art and travel:

Fine Artist

The word ‘artist ‘is really extensive which includes those working with glassworks, ceramics, clay, painting, and so much more. Artists have the option to work independently while some may be hired by various companies, such as in PR companies or advertising, who commission an art piece. These kinds of occupations, depending on the location of the company, may necessitate some travel. Artists also have the choice to have an art exhibition or gallery in various cities, which requires travel as well. To do so, it might be a wise step to obtain a bachelor’s and/or a master’s degree in fine arts. But many artists, even without these degrees, have become successful because of practice and perseverance.

Museum Curator

Curators are in charge of art exhibits found in the museum. This also entails obtaining new items for exhibits, setting the pieces for exhibit, carefully storing them after the exhibit, as well as standing as a representative for the museum at various functions and events. When getting new art pieces, curators frequently need to travel to the place where the piece is located personally checking its authenticity and negotiate on the value. A lot of curators have completed a master’s degree in art history, archaeology or museum studies.

Art Purchaser

A purchaser either buys an art piece for a client or with the intention of reselling art to consumers. They are experts in various kinds of art, and have a keen eye to spot authentic art and if they are justly priced. Art buyers could be employed by various galleries, stores and even websites to maintain and keep up a current and updated collection of art that is put up for sale.