The latest update on the technological progress in the field of therapists is the art therapy. This therapy combines the utilization of art and psychotherapy in one for the connection with patients. Using this discipline, art therapists make use the creative therapeutic aspect of nature and patient’s body language and symbols. The goal is to gather various perceptions on the concerns that have an impact to the patients that they are not aware at their conscious state.

Moreover, people at their teenage stage usually struggle with emotional issues which they do not have a full control over it. Through the use of art therapy, adolescents are allowed to open up and express their thoughts. Because of this, communicating with them becomes easier as art is a form of confidence booster.

This proves to be that art therapy is a vehicle for every students to communicate in a safe environment.

Art Therapy and the Students

High schools students are being encouraged to be involved in expressing theirselves via the art therapy programs. They can do paint, drawing, sculpture, and other artistic form of self expression as their mediums. Some students also using this art to “do assignment for me” as their perception.

Setting aside classroom setting

There are troubled students who are out of the classroom or school setting most of the time. For this scenario, art therapist-psychologists invite these students into an art studio. In this place is where they can do assignments or express their purpose freely. Students with depression can able to surpass this issue by involving themselves in artistic skills.

The use of art therapy

Art therapy utilization in high school set up is not widely applicable. Sad to say, there is lack of budget for this kind of programs in most schools. Moreover, it is also hard for schools to find for the professionally trained personnel for this kind of psychotherapy.

Meanwhile, it is nice to know that a positive feedback from both students and staff is given to schools that cater art therapy. In addition, art therapy offers an irreplaceable impact to communicate with students who do not entertain contemporary process of drawing out.