For countless artists, online merchants and art galleries in general, e-Commerce is a vast, huge space. It is a platform that brings all sorts of arts right in front of the global audience. Not to mention, there are tons of e-Commerce website like Magento as well as Shopify that opened its doors for art galleries and artists. Not to mention, there are art specific platforms too that can be used similar to Artfinder, Saatchi as well as Society 6.

On the other hand, likewise with the difficulty of finding the right platform is executing the shipping of artworks purchased from these websites. It is because depending on the artwork will dictate how the shipping process should go.

Mind you, there are various elements that should be taken into consideration for a successful process such as fragile, nature and delicate.

Believe it or not, there are instances in which some shipping companies take partnership with heavy duty towing services only to ensure that everything is covered for unsuspecting events.

Packing Artwork

In regards to the packing requirements of artworks, there are few things that should be considered.

First of all, the size of the piece to be shipped shall be determined and calculated. After figuring out the size of the piece itself, it will make it easier to find the appropriate size of box for it. Boxes for shipping artworks as well as wooden crates can be procured from shipping stores as well as art supply stores. The best part, it can be purchased at different dimensions and sizes.

Now, in the event that you cannot find the measurement you need due to the unusual size of the artwork, this is when you can request for a custom measurement to fit your artwork. Just remember to always have 2” clearance on every side.

Don’t Forget about the Bubble Wrap

Make sure that there’s enough bubble wrap for the artwork you’ll be shipping and use a tape to secure it. See to it that every openings are sealed tightly so that there’s no seam open. You may use additional bubble wrap in an effort to secure the piece and have a tight seal.