Do you have a bare wall in your home that you don’t know what to do with? Is your living room in serious need of a makeover? Then why not use wall art or curtains to brighten up your space? A house that doesn’t have art is a house without a soul.

What Kind of Art Would Fit Perfectly on Your Wall?


A large painting gives a room a lot of character. It is therefore important that you choose a painting that fits well with the atmosphere of your interior in terms of subject, color, and size. If you want a calm atmosphere in your living room, it is better to hang that nice painting with large flowers in bright colors elsewhere.

To make a painting stand out, you can give the wall on which it hangs or leans against a complimenting color, just like in a museum. That immediately creates an extra atmosphere in the room. All colors shine on a dark background, but you can also choose a shade from the painting.


Green is still completely hip and happening. Also on the wall. You can get prints of beautiful flowers, plants, and trees everywhere. And they’re not just beautiful to look at. Just like with houseplants, it makes us optimistic and relaxes us because we get the feeling that we are out in nature.


Graphics are a fun and hip alternative for the wall. A cool poster, a charming illustration, a beautiful design: everything is possible, and preferably mixed together. By the way, a work of art does not necessarily have to hang on the wall. You can also just put it on the floor leaning against the wall. Or on a bookshelf, on the fireplace, or on a stool.


Do you have a favorite saying or life motto? Then you can have it printed and placed on the wall.

Still life

A classic still life fits perfectly in the kitchen or in the dining room. Still, life’s come in all kinds of styles and colors. From the exuberant scene from the Golden Age in bright colors on a dark background to the simple arrangement of a jug, a brick, and an apple in soft colors.


Family or vacation photos are nice, but not everywhere in the house. If you like photography, you can find beautiful and affordable photo art. Sometimes a photo is printed on a canvas, but you get the best result with a subtle photo frame with anti-reflection glass. This is how a photo really comes into its own.


Why not just mix everything up together? You can create your own gallery with all your favorite artworks all on one wall. To ensure that it does not become too chaotic, it is useful to select works of art that have the same color ratio or stay within the same themes. Another way to make it a whole is to put everything in the same kind of frame or mat. First, put all the frames on the floor and slide them around until you find a nice composition. Try to keep it playful so that it doesn’t get too boring and tight. And be critical: sometimes you just have to leave out a work of art that does not match.

How to display art