In any business, the brand and logo are silent influencers because they immediately give an impression of what and how products or services are provided. Still, a successful enterprise is more than the name and logo representing it; especially if the industry itself suffers from trust and credibility issues brought on by scalawags and unscrupulous players.

A good brand and logo immediately conveys a company’s distinction in doing what it promises to do and deliver. Potential prospects and customers are instinctively drawn to businesses with a brand and logo that connote trustworthiness and credibility.

Reinventing Towing Business by Adding Roadside Assistance Services

Since several decades ago, the towing industry has been carrying the stigma of being a bane, rather than a blessing to motorists. Mainly because even up to now, predatory towing is rampant. Not a few car owners have uploaded in their social media accounts, videos of unfortunate and harrowing experiences involving predatory tow truck operators.

Many in the tow truck industry have enhanced their image, by being genuine providers of roadside assistance to motorists. The services are in addition to helping private property owners and law enforcement agencies maintain order. Modern tow companies are more consumer-friendly, as they now recognize that mechanical troubles and road mishaps are stressful and bewildering experiences especially for less savvy vehicle owners.

That is why, nowadays, it has become important for motorists, especially those who frequently travel by way of freeways, to install an app that would readily connect them to a highly recommended towing company. More often than not, these companies are represented by brands or logos immediately denoting roadside assistance at any time of the day, as opposed to the traditional images of tow trucks with crane hooks and shield logos.

Brand and Logo Design Suggestions for Towing Companies

An automobile loaded on a flatbed is a better image as this means available options for safe, long distance transport. Images of trucks with 24/7 call insignia, trucks with images of wrenches, jacks. spark plugs, battery chargers or even a tow truck with direct Roadside Services sign, convey the traits that most car owners look for as brand identity in a towing company.

Brand identity is not the same as brand name, because identity relates more to the visible elements like logo and other images displayed in the company’s trucks, towing equipment and website. The purpose of which is to immediately give visitors clear impressions about the kinds of services the company offers.


A Cursory Look at Towing Companies in Silicon Valley

In Silicon Valley, a towing company san jose vehicle owners are inclined to recommend those that provide help when and where needed. In such cases, a towing app is available to give potential and existing customers assurance that a tow truck will arrive asap, to help them resume road travel safely. The tow crew will hook up their vehicle only as a last resort and as a means to transport it to a location specified by the customer.

Motorists-friendly towing companies in California usually offer 24-hour services that include jumpstart troubleshooting, tire change and car battery charging or replacement. Other services include refuelling, lockout issues, emergency recovery, flatbed towing for long distance transport, as well as light to medium duty towing of trucks, cars or motorcycles from location to location,