When thinking of locksmiths, most people tend to think of someone who does the work of making and repairing locks. This is because formal training is not required to be the key master. But do you know that locksmithing is a work of art that requires precision skills? With the introduction of technology and accessories, various locks appeared, and the scope of work for locks had been expanded. Here is a quick look at different locksmith Central Coast and the services they offer.

Different Types of Locks

Residential lock

This is the most common form of key that can be accessed nearby. They effectively provide services to address situations where the homeowner has forgotten the key at home or lost the key in any way. Customers of this type are usually those who live in apartments, private homes or apartments. Their work usually includes a locking system on the front door of the house and a series of new key modifications. This locksmith can also help recommend a home security lock system to customers.

Commercial lock

Commercial locksmiths are best suited for business, office or school environments. These help companies set up site security and provide authorized access to employees. The biometric technology used in most offices today is a good example.

Institutional Lock

This may be similar to a commercial locksmith, but not the same. Commercial locksmiths are typically hired for contract-based work or may be billed hourly. Meanwhile, agency keys are employed as part of the employee network. Most institutions that need this service are universities, colleges, hospitals, and government agencies. They not only ate the typical work of locksmiths but also had to perform other duties as employees.

Forensic lock

For locksmiths, this is the most interesting and challenging area. It combines the role of an investigator with the skills of a locksmith. Forensic key makers use special tools to help with criminal investigations. Using these tools, you can decide how to decrypt the lock, security system or key system. Here are some things you can gather to identify suspects and the ability to provide evidence at the crime scene.

Car lock

A car key or car lock is a rescuer for those who have forgotten the car key. In this case, car lock manufacturers can effectively open the vehicle without damaging the door lock or window lock. We also use a series of special tools to perform these services.

Emergency lock

Locksmiths of this type are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and may be necessary if an intruder breaks into your home. You can help anytime, anywhere. Emergency lock makers are good at repairing lock systems that thieves can destroy. They are also known as mobile locks.