YouTube, the video network is more in demand than ever because videos are gaining in popularity with users. All over the world: YouTube itself declares that a whopping 80% of all YouTube views are made outside of the United States. So companies should be concerned with video content and YouTube. There is hardly anyone left to ask whether it makes sense to advertise the YouTube channel, but rather how to do it most effectively.

Do you have an art channel on YouTube? Watch the short video below on how to get subscribers.

Tips for Getting Subscribers on Your Art Channel

But what to do if the beautiful new video is not seen? Sure, you can buy YouTube subscribers ( but is that all there is to it? With the 300 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube every minute, this sheer mass can become a problem for companies that want to draw attention to themselves.

Promoting your YouTube channel is an art – one that can decide between boos and applause for your video content. So here’s a quick tip on how to promote your YouTube channel so that your videos are sure to attract attention.

Three Simple Tips To Make Your YouTube Channel Better Known

Meaningful titles

What should you watch out for first when considering whether or not to watch a YouTube video? Probably on the video title. When I dedicate my precious time to a video, I choose one that clearly shows me what to expect. That means your video titles need to be short and concise, be meaningful, and contain keywords.

If the title of your video is too long to cut off part of it, or if the title doesn’t tell you what the video is about, hardly anyone will take the time to click on it. To make your video easier to find, the title should always contain the appropriate keywords that match the content. Just as the headlines of a newspaper should capture the attention of readers, a video title should inspire viewers for the video.

An optimally used channel

Create a meaningful and compelling profile with a detailed description of what your channel is about. You should make sure that the profile complies with the brand and that the following criteria match your other social media channels – Color selection, backgrounds, Logos, Social media icons (for your other social media channels), and Special banners or layout specifications.

YouTube thumbnails that match the video

The preview image of a video is a central component together with the video title if you want to promote your YouTube channel. A perfect title alone is of no use, with a strange or nonsensical preview image, the likelihood that the target group will click or share the video is rather low. So when you post a video of a cat playing the guitar, the preview image should also show a cat playing the guitar – not just some weird, blurry image that shows you when you set the camera.

For a successful preview picture, YouTube advises that the picture should be as large as possible since it also serves as a preview image for the embedded player; have a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels (the minimum width is 640 pixels); uploaded in graphic formats such as .JPG, .GIF, .BMP or .PNG; be smaller than the maximum file size of 2MB; if possible be in 16: 9 format, since this is the most used format for YouTube players and previews.

Meaningful content makes it much easier to promote a YouTube channel. And the preview images make a significant contribution to whether your content is considered useful or not.