You have heard of basketball backboards, however what about Baroque basketball backboards? Employing the pragmatic basketball backboard for a point of departure to an astute visual pun, artist Victor Solomon compares popular basketball language to the civilization of surplus surrounding the game in a stunning set of silver figurines known as “Literally Balling”.

Artist Victor Solomon is currently bringing beauty to basketball with his Literally Balling job, which includes backboards made from gold and glass and crystal nets hung from rims.

Using gems and arrived glasswork, artist Victor Solomon has produced a design job that requires excellent art in the courtroom. Literally Balling is a string of three basketball hoops, you need to see these hoops including stained glass backboard and gold string nets to deliver the overdue Medieval nice arts courtside.

Necessary? Can it be necessary for me to the bank in runners off handmade, artisanal glass motivated by ancient Romanesque architectural styles? No, but they seem cool, and I like to perform it.

Stained glass backboards are due to the folks. Headed by designer Victor Solomon, the planks “are a decorative convergence of ancient opulence and also our modern-day kings of this courtroom.” That is a fancy method of saying, “The official hoop of this 2015 Vatican Dunk Contest.”

For every board that was decadent, the artist committed more than a hundred hours of time and energy to form and cutting the bits that were vibrant, hand-weaving the nets, gold-plating the rim, and constructing the mount and frame.

Beyond only a glorification of this match and its own high-roller superstars,” Solomon’s project preserves its cultural importance: “These stained glass backboards, painstakingly rendered in the conventional ‘Tiffany-Style’ started as a joke, but I’ve exploited the zeitgeist–basketball grounds to get a new cultural and artistic epoch,” Solomon describes on Literally Balling’s site.