Let’s face it, pets are not just pets. They’re part of the family. These creatures are filled energy, squirmy and over-eager. Pets being they are can effortlessly turn a simple family photo to be unique and distinctive. But quite frankly, similar nuances that allowed them to wiggle and squeeze into our hearts make it hard to take a snap of them.

Pet photography is a combination of sports, portrait and child photography poured into one. However, you don’t suddenly become an expert. This one takes time, practice, patience and boatload of commitment.

If you are a budding animal portrait photographer and committed to make things work, then this article would be a recommended read to learn tips that can help you out.

Take Advantage of Toys and Treats

One of the trickiest parts of being animal photographer is the fact that these pets do not totally understand instructions like what humans do. Throwing in few treats like their favorite toys go a long way to distract a pet’s attention to stay put or to look in certain directions. Dogs that are trained to stay and sit in particular are easier to work on with especially when its eager to listen to get that treat!

Pets do not need to sit throughout the entire day only to get exceptional shots. And that is where their favorite toy would come into play. By using same camera settings that you are using for other photography, you could freeze a game of fetch or even attack on that stuffed animal. Consider as well asking the owner on what is their pet’s favorite word so you know how to get its attention.

Patience is a Virtue

Much like when you are photographing newborns or toddlers, there are instances in which you really have to wait until they crank that cute smile or until they get in the mood. When it comes to your pet, it pays off to always be ready with the camera and wait. Do not force anything to your pet. Rather, wait for that perfect and calmer moment. At the end of the day, this makes the shoot a lot more worth it!