If you are all set to enter your work of art in regional art contests, here are two essential things to note on top of your to-do’s to make your art competition experience rewarding.

Just Enter Your Greatest Work Regardless of Who the Competition Jurors are

Your best work that displays your proficiency in painting, a stylish structure and a total picture that reveals creativeness. These are some of the criteria most jurors are looking for. Your best work mirrors your skills. Thereafter, the rest falls to the juror’s perspective. And you will simply have to settle for the inconsistencies of the assessing procedure. An artist may have his or her first painting rejected in the first entry but later on, perhaps on the third entry, the same painting receives an award.

This scenario had been the case by many artists and it could be your case too. Therefore rejection of your first entry shouldn’t put you down but encourage you to push it more from one entry to another.

Taking Great Photos of Your Art

After painting a beautiful piece, the second essential aspect that you can influence is getting a good picture of your artwork. The picture taken of your artwork is what the jury looks at therefore each photograph taken should well represent you. Therefore, make sure that the final images have great focus and it displays the colors close to your art. You can do this yourself or better yet, hire a professional photographer to capture the images for you.

People who shoot their own artwork might not exactly understand that lighting conditions can have an effect on the colors of the photo. Much like the traditional film camera, taking photos with an incandescent light bulb will make your photos more orange, and this is still very true when using a digital camera. Use a fluorescent light to make the photo greenish. When the sky is overcast, shooting outdoors may produce a blue hue, so check them out prior to entering the photo.

Many people make mistakes setting their digital camera to “automatic”. In order to match the colors in the image to the artwork, you will need to know the best way to establish the white balance. The white balance should be reset each time you shoot under several lighting conditions. Look into the guidebook that came with your camera to learn how to do this.

Be sure to send your art entry with the requested information in the requested format. Be sure to read the art competition brochure. Surprisingly, there are many people who don’t comply with the instructions. This can immediately turn your entry down and admission fees become donations.

If you want your artwork to get noticed prior to any competition, you can film your work or upload the images in a video format so that you can feature it in popular social media and video submission sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. While there are many ways to make your art known, one of the methods to consider is to buy views on youtube. While you are not limited to this method, you can ask a social media specialist on the best strategies to boost your work.