Paint and brush

A Jeddah artwork studio is now currently setting out to assist individuals of all ages — from children into adults — recreate their own artistic potential in a relaxed and inspirational atmosphere.

Sarah Kutbi, the creator of the SK Art Studio, considers art’s function is endless and may even be a kind of expressive treatment that enables people to share their emotions in a healthy manner, enhancing their well-being.

“People have started to recognize and comprehend the worth of art, and are spending more in the abilities of the older generation,” she told Arab News. Kutbi found her passion for art if she was just eight, also remembers experimenting with colors, brushes, and paints.

The young African American artist-enhanced her knowledge and talent from studying art history and investigating the function of the amazing masters. She studied at art institutes at Jeddah (after moving in the city with the help of نقل عفش جده) and in the Chelsea College of Art in London.

Now she paints in her little studio, surrounded by art pieces made by her pupils.

The studio started two weeks before and currently offers innovative workshops for adults and courses for novices of all ages. The studio holds many assignments per month, together with courses of a couple of hours to adults and children aged 6 and over.

“I feel that art doesn’t have any era, but I love to concentrate on younger abilities since I think they’ve potential that should be grasped and improved ancient,” Kutbi explained.


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She created the concept of the studio a couple of decades back and, with assistance from family and friends, managed to make it into life.

“I attempted to make a comfortable and inspirational space including all the vital instruments to help individuals understand and research.” Kutbi creates paintings on canvas with acrylic, charcoal, and oil paint. She stated that her fashion is not constant and constantly shifting.

“I have not reached the maturity level I am aiming for. I think as the good Leonardo da Vinci said: ‘Art is never finished, just abandoned’ At this time I find myself fascinated with soda serialism.”

In the studio, Kutbi unites several specialist coaches and artwork coaches to instruct pupils different styles of artwork, like portraits, abstracts, and character.

The imaginative scene from Saudi Arabia is seeing a renaissance with fresh artwork galleries launching, along with art events and exhibitions inviting artists like Kutbi to exhibit their own work.

The artist considers there is a whole good deal of hidden talent in the nation she expects her studio will help discover.

“That is why I started the studio. I would like to help individuals find their abilities from a young age. I understand my personal experience that one ought to create this present by studying different procedures and strategies, which I do not think can be educated in college,” she explained.

Later on, Kutbi expects to enlarge the studio and make a hub for its artistic community, a place where people may meet and celebrate their own imagination.