Sometimes, even when we are enjoying our job, the time will come when we already want something else to do aside from what we are currently doing. It is not because we do not like it anymore, but because we believe that there are other things we can do.

Ever since I was child, I am fascinated by how good artists are – the ideas coming from their amazing minds, it just amazes me all the time. Being an artist has been my desire. Then when I decided to change my career path, I choose art. I knew to myself that I am not really good at it, but the thought did not stop me. Instead, I enrolled to arts classes to improve myself more. I started from learning and securing the basic tools needed by artist along with the use of dewalt sliding miter saw, sketching tools, and other painting tools. Right now, I am enjoying what I am doing.

You might be wondering where did I start because it is scary. But do not you worry, if you are beginning artist, an amateur, or a professional, deciding where to start is really a challenge. This article will help you starting on the right time and place.

We listed below the tips and guides for you to avoid mistake in the future. Also, this article is great for comprehending the fundamentals of painting.

1. Achieve basic painting techniques 

As a beginner it is better if you first resort to basic painting because practice is what everyone needs. Then if you think that you are ready, it is when you can make challenging art works. Moreover, through practice, you will obviously make mistakes but you will definitely learn from it.

2. Putting in perspective 

This is probably one of the important things an artist must know. Putting in to perspective. If you are after 3D art, you must master horizontal lines and the linear perspective.

3. Make use of beginner drawing tips 

The very first thing that you will probably need to learn is drawing. Make an effort to watch tutorials, lessons, and demo in the internet. It will be of great help in improving drawing skills and coming up with better ideas.