Beautiful pictures can help tell a story and more so, move you. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s taken with a professional camera or painted by an artist with a brush. If it’s true that beauty’s in the eye of beholder, then things would look completely different.

Questions to be Clarified

Thing is, how you are going to determine what should be hanged on the wall? Should you lean on art or more on photography? Will it be a family photo you cherish, special photo of kids, memories on your family vacation etc.

If photographs are capable of capturing moments in time while art is described to affect and influence a person, then what would happen when a picture is capable of doing both?

Well, this is when a picture becomes extremely valuable, incredible and special. True artists are really astonishing. They have keen eyes in finding beauty where no one else can. It is their duty and responsibility when they’re truly talented to suddenly stop a person and make them appreciate their work and vision.

It all comes down to One

Whenever an artist starts to express themselves via art, it does not really matter whether it is through painting or picture. At the end of the day, it’s deemed to be a magnificent work of art.