When it comes to painting, having a live model is almost always given. However, finding one isn’t that simple. Because to find one, the types of poses has to be determined first. It will be ideal to get in touch with arts groups that are hosting life-drawing classes regarding this matter as they can provide reliable models and give feedback on them as well.

The Pose

After finding a model, the next thing that has to be done is to decide on the pose to be performed.

This one will take collaboration and time that’s both interesting to draw without compromising the model while holding the position.

Even sitting still in armchair could become uncomfortable without the right position.

Now, in an effort to avoid these types of problems, the pose has to be evaluated and reviewed before starting with the project. Simple measures like pillow for lumbar support or perhaps, a sturdy box under raised foot can go a long way in keeping the model still in his/her position.

Be Considerate

Models are humans too and thus, timed breaks are crucial. It is actually a standard practice to give models 5-minute break for every 20 to 30 minutes of posing. Yet again, this will depend on how difficult the pose will be.