You may have heard of “Art” but have you ever thought what is it actually? According to Plato, Art is an imitation of imitation. And if we go by his definition, we could say that monkey is an art because it has the ability and the quality of copying and imitating men. However, we could never consider monkeys as an artist. Then there’s Aristotle who attributed it as human inclination for imitation. But, he has small tweak saying that “art” is an imitation of life.

Then there is “Design”. Design in this case is simply the act of drawing as well as working out form.

Understanding Graphic Design

And here we come with “Graphic Design”.

This is basically designing using skilful combination of pictures and texts. We could say clearly that graphic design is the genre of design.

From the unique explanation of design and art, we could say that art is in a different level from design. Because graphic design is the skillful combination and visual representation of pictures and texts and it acts for specific tasks as a mean to communicate among viewers and tell specific message regardless of how beautiful and aesthetics it has.